Arts (Animation, Graphic, Audio/Sound, Digital Video, Film/TV course) & Technology


School Name Program Animation Courses Graphics Courses Audio/Sound Courses DIGITAL VIDEO Film/TV Courses Others UNDERGRAD DEGREES GRADUATE DEGREES NUMBER of YEARLY GRADS (U) NUMBER of YEARLY GRADS (G) Street Address School City School State
Academy of Art College 3-D Modeling
Character Animation
Digital Typography
Publishing Studio

Programs offered:
Publishing/New Media, 3D Modeling, Animation, and Game Production
Visual Effects for Film and Television Production
BFA MFA 1,513 260 79 New Montgomery Street
San Francisco CA
Alfred University Institute for Electronic Arts
Electronic Imaging/Print Media
The Work of Art in the Age of Digital
Virtual Reality Seminar
New Electronic Arts
Electronic Strategies
Multi-media Installation: Gender Issues

Programs offered:
Electronic Arts and Video & Sonic Arts

177 School of Art and Design
2 Pine Street
Alfred NY
Arizona State University Institute for Studies in the Arts

Students create intense research projects to cover the span of one year. ISA conducts collaborative research projects to work with scholars, art practitioners and technologists. Students create intense research projects to cover the span of one year. ISA conducts collaborative research projects to work with scholars, art practitioners and technologists. Students create intense research projects to cover the span of one year. ISA conducts collaborative research projects to work with scholars, art practitioners and technologists. Programs include:
Human Performance and Integrated Media, Trans-Cultural Communications and Technology Development
Open to BFA Open to MFA

PO Box 873302 Tempe AZ
Art Center College of Design New Media
Interactive Design
Motion Graphics
Digital Font Design

Web site development

25 1700 Lida Street Pasadena CA
Bloomfield College Creative Arts and Technology Department Character Animation Computer Drawing & Graphics
Computer Imaging
3-D Graphics & Animation
Web Design
Deskop Publishing
Game Development & Virtual Worlds
Computer Assisted Music Production
Digital Audio Enineering
Fundamentals of Music & Performance
Digital Audio
Music Technology

Digital Video
Video Production
Programming Using C
Television Studio
Producing the Documentary
Music Video & Documentary on the Music Video
Programs within the department:
Computer Graphics, Video Production, Interactive Multimedia, Music Technology and Publishing

467 Franklin Street Bloomfield NJ
Bradley University Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts,
Digital Animation Design for the World Wide Web
Multimedia Authoring
Graphic Design Studio
Data Structures
Multimedia, Internet and Applications
Educational Software Design
Audio Production
Music Technology
Digital Photography
Media Production
Field Produciton
Studio Produciton

Programs include:
Web Site Design, Multimedia Authoring, New Media Theory, Digital Photography and Animation

1501 West Bradley Avenue Peoria IL
California College of Art and Crafts Film and Video
Graphic Design with a concentration in Design & Media

Digital Studio
Graphic Design
3D Studio: Motion Graphics
Interaction Design

Time & Media
Film/Video Workshop
Film/Video Tutorial
Visual Fundamentals on the Mac
Programs within Graphic Design:
Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Illustration Design and Industrial Design
BFA MFA 169 41 1111 Eighth Street San Francisco CA
California Institute of the Arts Integrated Media Character Animation, Experimental Animation, Integraded Media in Experimental Animation, Motion Control for 3D stop-motion Animation, Experimental Storyboard & Character, Locomotion (Effects, Atomsphere & Illusion), Photoshop/Premiere, 3D Computer Graphic Animation and CinematographyTechniques for Animation Java Programming, Lingo Programming for Multimedia, Interactive & Internet Production and Interactive & Internet Media Sound Production, Digital Sound Editing, Digital Media & Sound, Production Sound for Video, Sounds for Animators, Integrated Media in New Media and Production Sound Recording Video Production, Videographics, On line Editing, Integrated Media and Digital Production/Compositing Film Production, Cinematography, Film Editing, Documentary Production, Integrated Media, Film Directing and Experimental Film Techniques

40 24700 McBean Parkway Valencia CA
Carnegie Mellon University STUDIO for Creative Inquiry Concepts of Animation Electronic Media
Virtual Worlds
Computer Skilles

Media Performance & Installation
Robotic Art

STUDIO for Creative Inquiry is a cross-disciplinary and exploratory work in the arts and sciences. This activity takes advantage of the extensive technological and artistic capabilities of Carnegie Mellon. The overall interest is Biology, Ecology and Robotic synergy. BFA, BSA Open to MFA

STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, College of Fine Arts, Caregie Mellon University Pittsburgh PA
Center for Creative Studies Animation & Digital Media and Communication Design Digital Illustration, 3D Modeling, Rendering & Animation, Interactive/Multimeda, Concept Development, Web Page Design and Programming Technology, Typography, Word/Image Structure, Conceptual Process, Ideation Methods, Visuization Methods and New Media Methods Sound/Time/Motion Systems Video


201 East Kirby Detroit MI
Cleveland Institute of Art Technology and Integrated Media Environment Advanced 3D Modeling Digital Multimedia Production, Alias Wavefront, Typography, Graphic Design Computers
Video Basic Tools, Video Putting It Together on Film

Unviersity Cicle
11141 East Boulevad
Cleveland OH
Columbia University Digital Media Animation and 3D modeling Game Design, Motion Graphics, Interactive Design, The Business of Interactive Media, Digital Media, The Culture of Digital Media, Interactive Authoring and Web Authoring
Digital Documentary Photography, The Digital Image, Digital Video Editing and

BFA MFA 45 45 305 Dodge Hall, Mail Code 1808
2960 Broadway
New York NY
Atlanta College of Art Electronic Arts with concentrations in Computer Animaiton, Digital Art, Digital Multimedia or Video Computer Illustration, 2D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Modeling Desktop Publishing, Macbased Multimedia, Advanced Multimedia Exerimental Sound I &II, Video Production I & II, Non Narrative/Experimental Video, Documentary Video, Cinematic Narrative Video, Non-Linear Editing, Digital Video I& II and Special Topics in Videio


1280 Peachtree Street N.E. Atlanta GA
Art Academy of Cincinnati Communication Arts with concentrations in Graphic Design, Illustration, Photo Design and Digital Multimedia


1125 Saint Gregory Street Cincinnati OH
Cooper Union
Graphic Design Animation I & II Graphic Design I: Visual Sequencing, Graphic Design II: Word and Image, Typography I & II, Information Design, Publication Design, Experimental Typography, Art of the Book, Visual Idenities, Professional Practice, Design Production: Digital Press, Interactive Design Concepts and Advanced Interactive Design Concepts: Media
Video I & II, Advanced Video and Computer Image in Motion I & II Film I & II, Advanced Film and Image in Motion I & II

Advancement of Science and Art
Cooper Square
New York NY
Cornell University New Media Electronic 3D Modeling & Animation Electronic Imaging in Art, Media Arts Studio I & II, Digital Art: Online Studio, WebArt and Print Digital Multi-Media (Sound, Video, Installation, Theater and Architecture) Digital Sound Digital Video

BFA MFA 46 46 College of Architecture, Art and Planning
B1 West Sibley Hall
Ithaca NY
Cranbrook Academy of Art 2D Design

150 39221 Woodwar Avenue
Box 801
Bloomfield Hills MI
Florida Atlantic University Center for Electronic Communication 3D Graphics Modeling, Texturing & Lighting, Storyboarding & Computer Animation and Digital Compositing for Animation Studio in Computer Arts, Creative Workshop in Computer Arts and Master¡¯s Portfolio in Computer Arts
Advanced Video I & II, Advanced Digital Art I & II

15 Reuben O¡¯D. Askew Tower
220 SouthEast 2nd Avenue
Fort Lauderdale FL
Florida State Univerisity Design, Electronic Imaging and Video


School of Visual Arts & Dance
236 Fine Arts Building
Tallahassee FL
Herron School of Art Visual Communicaiton Program: areas of concentration include Graphic Design, Illustration and New Media
Typography I, II, III, IV &V, Visual Communication I, II, III, IV & V, Production for Designers, Illustration I & II, Advaced Illustration, Introduction to Computer Imagery I & II, Computers in Visual Communication I & II, Intro to Electronic Media and Advanced Digital Media


1701 North Pennsylvania Indianapolis IN
Massachusetts Institute of Technology The Media Arts and Science: PhD of Philosophy in Media Arts & Sciences. All of the Courses are research groups that a student would apply for.
Spatial Imaging and Synthetic Characters Electronic Publishing, Media and Networks, Aesthetics & Computation and Context-Aware Computing Opera of the Future, Speech Interfaces and Machine Listening InteractiveCinema
Object-Based Media, Gesture & Narrative Language, Sociable Media, Physics & Media, Tangible Media, Nanomedia, Software Agents, Nanoscale Sensing, The Future of Learning, Responsive Environments, Human Design, Affective Computing and Cognitive Machines
165 MIT Communications Office, Building E28
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge MA
Kendall College of Art and Design Visual Communications 3D Animation, Digital 3D Imagery, Digital Illustration, Mixed Media and the Computer, Digital Drawing and Painting, Imaging for the Web, Computer Graphics I, II & III, Image Development, Typographic Design, Multimedia Authoring, Image Devlopment, Web Page Design, Digital Prepress
Photography/Digital Imaging, Multimedia/ Video Production, Advanced Multimedia Production

111 North Division Grand Rapids MI
Memphis College of Art Design Arts with concentration in Graphic Design, Illustration, Computer Graphics and Photography Beginning Animation, Intermediate/Advanced Animation, Typography, Computer Arts I, II, III & IV, Intermediate Graphic Design - Publicaiton, Intro to Computer Systems, Intermediate Computer Graphic Design, Computer Graphics/Prepress production, Electronic Photo Imaging, Desktop Publishing and Photography for Graphics


Overton Park
1930 Poplar
Memphis TN
Maine College of Art Graphic Design & Media Arts


97 Spring Street Portland ME
The Maryland Institute College of Art Digital Art Interactive Animation, Advanced 3D Computer and Digital Sculpture Typography for Multimedia, Web Design I, Advanced Web Design, Introduction to Systems/Programming, Photoshop Intensive, Interactive Design, Typography and Motion and The Simulated Photograph
Sound I & II Digital Studio, Advanced Editing, Digital Video, Experimental Narrative, Sound and Video for the Web and The Surreal Image

24 1300 Mount Royal Avenue Baltimore MD
Marywood Univeristy Graphic Design
Design Research, Computer Aided Design I, II & III, Intro to Typograhy, 3D Design I & II, Advertising Graphics I & II, Advanced Advertising Graphics and Computer Graphics I & II
Rendering Media


Art Department Marywood University Scranton PA
Massachusetts College of Art Media + Performing Arts with concentrations in Photography, Film/Video and Studio for Interrelated Media Experimental Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Studio for Interrelated Media, Interactive Multimedia, Computer-Controlled Media, Art and the Internet, Concepts of Media Sound Design, Sound Performance, Sound Studio, Intermediate Sound Studio, Advanced Sound Studio, Digital Photography for Photographers, Film and Video to Quicktime Movies, Non-Linear Editing: Avid, Non Linear Editing: Avid II, Introduction to Video, Introduciton to Nonlinear Editing: Videol, Intermediate Video I & II, Retro Video, Advanced Video I & II, Installation of the Moving Image, Avid Projects, Computer-Controlled Media and Introduction to Digital Video Introduction to Filmmaking, Narrative Directing for Film, Narrative Scriptwriting, Studio Production, Film and Performance, Filmmaking, Professional Post-Production Techniques, Nonlinear Editing: Film,

621 Huntington Avenue Boston MA
Mills College Digital Media: BFA
Intermedia: MFA

Electronic Arts, Intermedia, Digital Media and Constructing the Technological ¡°Other¡±
Video Production I & II

BFA MFA 20 24 Art Department
5000 MacArthur Boulevard
Oakland CA
Minneapolis College of Art and Design Media Arts programs include Animation, Film/Video and Photography
Design programs include Interactive Media and Graphic Design
Visualization program **
Intro to Animation, Intermediate Animation: Stop Motion, Intermediate Animaiton: 3D Computer, Advanced Animation Typography I & II, Systems, Basic Production, Graphic Design I, II, III & IV, Motion Graphics, Design for New Media, Interactive Media I, II & III and Online Studio Sound Intro to Video, Intermediate Film: Documentary & Narrative,
Intermediate Video: Digital, Advanced Video and Digital Photo
Intro to Film, Intermediate Film, Intermediate Film: Documentary & Narrative, Intermediate Film: 16mm and Advanced Film

2501 Stevens Avenue South Minneapolis MN
New York University Interactive Telecommunications Program
Masters of Professional Studies
Game Design, Introduction to 3D, Fundamentals of Storytelling, Interaction Design and Interactivity & Narrative, Interactive Telecommunications Technology, Introduction to Comptational Media, Elements of Visual Language, Systems & Applications, Designing Experience, Virtual Spaces, Visualizing Concepts, VR System Design, Creating World Wide Web Sites, Digital Spaces, Electronic Publishing, Designing Experience and Exploring Electronic Networks: Virtual Culture, Sound Design for Information Environments, Digital Sound Lab and Digital Sound Workshop Video Production, Video Postproduction and Multimedia Workshop
Applications of Interactive Telecommunications Systems, Communications Laboratory, Telecommunications in Transition, Databases & Data Modeling, Digital Networks, International Telecommunicaitons Policy, Managing Information & Knowledge, Telecommunicaitons Seminar, Advanced Computational Media, CGI Programming w/ Perl, Designing for Convergence, Information Contours, Physical Computing, Project Management & System Implementation, Programming for Nonprogramers and Simulations & Presentations

Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
721 Broadway, 8th Floor
New York NY
Northern Arizona University School of Communication with a concentration in Electronic Media

Audio Produciton and Media Aesthetics ENG/EFP, Video Directing & Post-Production and Advanced Video Production Television Produciton, Electronic Journalism News Writing & Reporting, Announcing for Electronic Media, Introduction to Electronic Media, Programming Electronic Media, Electronic Media Practicum and Television News Process Electronic Media Sales, Economic Aspects of Electronic Media, Writing for the Electronic Media, Telecommunication Technology and Electronic Media Regulation BA, BS

Box 5619
Flagstaff AZ
Ohio State University Art & Technology in the Department of Art and The Department of Design. 3D Computer Generated Visualization & Simulation, Procedural Approaches to 3D Computer Animation, Motion Studies through Hand Drawn Animation, Advanced 3D Computer Modeling for Artists & Designers, Advanced 3D Computer Modeling for Artists & DesignersProcedural Animation, Concept Development for Sequential Imaging and Procedural Animation

Building 3D Virtual Environments, The Virtual, Research Hours in Web Development for a Professional Practice and Programming for Artist & Designers

Multimedia for Musicians Advanced Digital Cinematograhy, Digital Media Production and Advanced Digital Cinematography,
Digital Video
Environments I, II & III New Media Robotics, Holography, Web art and Installation BFA MA, MS, MFA

146 Hopkins Hall, 128 North Oval Mall
Columbus OH
Old Dominion University Graphic Design
Graphic Design I, II, III & IV, Macintosh Laboratory, Design Application, Design Portfolio, Advertising Design, Hypermedia and Digital Art & The Web
The Video Project


Visual Arts Building Room 208
Hampton Boulevard
Norfolk VA
Otis College of Art and Design Digital Media Media in Motion, Drawing the Fantastic for Films & Video I & II, 3D Animation, Advanced Animation: Character Animation, Advanced Animation: 3D for Motion Graphics, Visual Effects I & II, Drawing for Feature Films, Animation Principles, Drawing Animals for Feature Films/TV/Games, Fairy Tales & Storytelling and Practical 7 CG Lighting Design & Type Principles, Digital Media Imaging & Painting and Digital Matte Painting
Digital Media, Digital Media Arts II & III, Practicum in Media Technologies and Film & Video Lab for Digital Artists Broadcast Design, Advanced Broadcast Design, Storyboarding for Features/TV/Games, Poetic Vision: Alternative Strategies in Cinema and Broadcast Design Theory & Strategy

9045 Lincoln Boulevard Los Angeles CA
Pratt Institute Computer Graphics and Interactive Media with concentrations in Animation, Interactive Media, 2D Imaging, Fine Arts & Experimental Media Modeling Workshop, Storyboarding & Storytelling, Computer Graphics Animation Workshop, Advanced 2D Imaging, Advanced Animation Workshop, 3D Computer Animatin I & II, Digital Ink & Paint, Digital Animation Studio I-IV, Traditional Animation I, 3D Modeling with Computer Graphics, Animation I & II, Illustration with Computer Graphics Fundamental Concepts of Computer Graphics, Computer Graphics Workshop, Computer Graphics in Context, Computer Graphics Programming Workshop, Artist Books in the Electronic Age, Interactive Online Media, Interactive Media Workshop I & II, Electronic Prepress, The Internet as Art Medium, Creating Code for Digital Media, Advanced Electronic Imaging, Art & the Computer, Imaging with a Computer, Audio for Electronic Media Color for Digital Media, Video Editing for Computer Graphics, Advanced Video Editing for Computer Graphics, Electronic Photography, Digital Imaging Studio I - IV, Film Making I & II,
BFA MFA 250 250 200Willoughby Avenue Brooklyn NY
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Electronic Media, Arts & Communication Animation I, II & III, Games & Guts, Virtual Environments/3D Web and Mass Media Effects Media Studio: Imaging, Cyber Arts, Computer Art, Interactive Arts Programming, Capstone Design, Studio Design in Human-Computer Interaction, Intro to Hypermedia Computing, Communication Design for the World Wide Web, User Centered Design, Hypermedia Art & Fiction: Theory & Design, Visual Design, Web Design for Community Networking, Typography, Communication Research Design, hypermedia Design & Development, Graphic Design for Corporate Identity and Communication & Design Computer Music Video Production Experimentation, Media Studio: Video/Audio, Intermediate Video, Video Production & Experimentation, Documentary Video, Technical Production & Documentation and Advanced Topics in Video Production
Electronic Installation Art, Intro to Visual Communication, Intermediate Visual Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Electronic Coaching Systems, Communication in Cyberspace,Rhetorical Analysis, Performance-Based Information Development, Computers in Technical Communication, Computer Mediated Communication, Ethnography & Cultural Analysis, Analysis of Verbal Data, Technical & Professional Communication, Writing for the World Wide Web, Writing for Print & Digital Media and Advanced content Development for the World Wide Web BS MS, MFA 174 36 110 8th Street Troy NY
Rhode Island School of Design Film/Animation/Video: offers BFA
Graphic Design: offers BFA and MFA
Animation for Illustrators, Advanced Animation Production, Intro to Film Animation, Animation II, Character Animation Workshop, Puppet Animation, Advanced Computer Generated Imagery, Introductory Computer Animation, Animation Degree Project and Animation I-A BGD Studio I & II, Design for Computers, Computer Training, Typography I, II & III, Advanced Typography, Visual Communication, Making Meaning, Design Applications, Strategic Design, Photo/Graphics, Information Graphics, Type in Motion, Design for Computers and Universal Web Design Intro to Sound, Video I & II and Video Explorations Introductory Film, Film II, Documentary Film/Video, Film/Video Degree Project, Film Explorations and Advanced Film Production

Two College Street Providence RI
Ringling School of Art and Design Graphic & Interactive Communication and Computer Animation Traditional Animation, Computer Animation I, II & III, Production Concepts & Methods, Animation Preproduction, UNIX Fundamentals and Computer Animation Portfolio Graphic Deisn I, II & III, Designing with Type I & II, New Media Design I &II, Web Design, Advanced Typography and Design Research Center Practicum


2700 North Tamiami Trail Sarasota FL
Rochester Institute of Technology New Media Design: offers BFA
Computer & Graphics: offers MFA
Animation, Computer Animation, Digital Illustration, 3D Modeling, Gaming and Virtual Reality Interactive Programming, Design for the Internet, Desktop Publising & Print Media, Digital Photo Composition and Multi-Media Project Development Digital Audio and Digital Sound Digital Video and Digital Photo
Electronic Fine Arts BFA MFA

School of Design, RIT/CIAS
73 Lomb, Memorial Drive
Rochester NY
Rutgers University - Camden Computer Graphics & Animation Computer Animaiton, Computer Animation Design and Advanced 3D Animation Intro to Computer Graphics, Graphic Design, Computer Graphics, Communications Design, Communications and Graphic Workshop - Production

Experience in Filmmaking

Department of Fine Arts
Rutgers, The State University
Camden NJ
Rutgers University - New Brunswick Graphic Design offers BFA
Film/Video offers BFA and MFA
Computer Animation Graphic Design I, II & III, Intro to Computer Art, Word & Print and Typography Digital Audio and Composition with Sound Video/Art/Politics, Video I, Intermediate Video Production, Digital Editing for Film/Video, Intermediate Media Workshop and Advanced Media Workshop Film I, Intermediate Film, Intermediate Film Production and Film/Video as a Visual Art

Mason Gross School of the Arts
The State University of New Jersey
Piscataway NJ
Saint Paul College of Visual Arts Visual Communications with concentrations in Communicaiton Design, Illustration and Photography Computer Illustration I & II, Typography I, II & III, Computer II, Production I & II and Communication Design I, II, & III
Digital Imaging


344 Summit Avenue Saint Paul MN
San Francisco Art Institute Digital Studies Introduction to 2D/3D Digital Media, Introduction to 3D Worlds for Art, Interdisciplinary 3D Worlds for Artists and Motion Graphics Introduction to Digital Media as Fine Art I & II, Artists in Cyberspace: Introductory Authoring for Net Art & the Web, Artist in Cyberspace: Intermediate Athoring for Net Art & the Web and Fundamental Programming & Interactivity for Artists
Introduction to Digital Sound and Sound for Film Introduction to Digital Photography, Intermediate Digital Photography, Introduction to Digital & AVID Video, Introduction to Digital Time/Base Media/Multimedia, Advanced Digital Video and Interdisciplinary Digital Studio Filmmaking I, Advanced Film, Alternative Film, Total Small Gauge, Non-Linear Editing Workshop: AVID for Film Artists, Personal Poetic Docmentary, Specialized Technical Workshops, Home Movies/Film Diary as a Political Statement, AC/DC Pscychotronic Teleplays and Projection- Physical & Virtual Digital Printmaking BFA MFA 125 125 800 Chestnut Street San Francisco CA
San Francisco State University Conceptual Information Arts
Computer Applications Conceptual Design I, Digital Word & Image and Interactive Media & Lingo Exploration in Sound and Experimental Sound Interactive Media & Conceptual Art, Interactive Cinema, Imaging Animals, Digital Video and Advanced Digital Video
New Communications Technology, Electronics & Robotics, Research in Emerging Technologies, Trio of Experimental Technologies, Conceptual/Information Arts: Introduction to Art & Technology, Art & Emerging Technologies and Art & Telecommunications Course BA MFA 70 5 Department of Art
FA 265
San Francisco CA
San Jose State University New Media Computer Animation & Digital Video Introduction to Computers in Fine Art, Systems Integration & Graphics Programming, Advanced Projects in Computer Art & Design, Seminar in Computer & Electronic Art, Tutorials in Computer & Electronic Art and Interactive Multimedia
The Human Machine Interface and Interdisciplinary Seminar in Art & Technology BFA MA, MFA 65 22 CADRE Institute, School of Art & Design
Art Building 116
San Jose CA
Savannah College of Art and Design Computer Arts Storyboarding & Pre-Visualization, Animation Design, Drawing in Motion, Coloring & Compositing, Stop-Motion Animation, Extended Film/Animation, Final 2D Animation Project, 3D Modeling & Design, Digital Compositing, Programming Emergent Systems, Proceduaral Modeling & Animation, Procedural 3D & Shader Pogramming, Final 3D Animation Project, 2D Classical Animation I & II, 2D Experimental Animation, Acting & Motion Studio for Animators, Digital Ink & Paint, Intro to Programming, Programming Models & Shaders, Advanced Surface Modeling & Animation, 3D Character Design, 2D Game Development and 3D Game Development Computer Art Post-production, Online Web Design, Screen Design & Typography, Programming for Multimedia, Interactive Programming, 3D Design & Interactive Environments, Interactive Project I & II, Post - production for Interactive Design, Survey of Computer Art Applications, Advanced Survey of Computer Art Applicaitons, Electronic Paintings and Interactive Design, Sound Design for Computer Art and Sound Montage & Foley Cinematography & Editing, Digital Compositing I & II, CGI/Live Lighting & Compositing, Alternative Methods, Motion Graphics, Motion Graphics Final Project, Survey of Electronic Art, Introduction to Video and Screen Typography Broadcast Design & Program Packaging

201 West Charlton Street
P.O. Box 3146
Savannah GA
The Art Institute of Chicago Art & Technology Fabricating for Motion, Introduction to Computer Animation, Advanced 3D Animation I & II, Advanced Computer Animation and Advanced Computer Imaging Institute Experimental Computer Programming and Introducion to WWW Authoring Digital Sound and Digital Sound Production for Multimedia Fundamentals of Art & Technology I & II, Digital Imaging, Digital Video, Interactive Multimedia and Digital Documentation
Neon Techniques, Beginning Holography, Advanced Holography, Electronics, Kinetic Objects & Environments, Digital Control: Micro Systems, Interactive Installation, Telecommunications Art, Algorithmic Composition, Electronic Rites and Rituals & Ceremony BFA MFA 60 28 112 South Michigan, 4th Floor Chicago IL
School of Visual Arts Computer Arts Introduction to Animation, Storyboarding & Scripting, Fundamentals of 3D Modeling & Animation, Fundamentals of Interface & Game Design, Designing with Motion Graphics & Digital Effects, Production Skills: Computer Animation, Production Skills: Interactive Media, 3D Animation Mechanics, Story Structures I, Modeling/Surfaces/Lighting, Production Issues: Animation and Character Animation I & II Introduction to Imaging Tools & Techniques, Introduction to Dynamic Media, Web Design, Web Page & Portfolio Development, Ideas in Computer Art, Production Skills: Dynamic Media, Computer Art in Context and Interactive Multimedia I Sound & Vision: Producing a Sound Track, Designing with Sound and Sound Workshop I Fundamentals of Motion Graphics & Digital Effects
Cross-Platform Techniques:Mac, NT & UNIX, Computer Systems I, UNIX 1, Technical Direction, Telecommunications for Artists I & II, Web Programming, Advanced Web Programming, Internet Studio and Production Issues: Telecommunications BFA MFA 1307 1307 209 Eas 23rd Street New York NY
Stephen F. Austin State Univerisity Computer Arts


Department of Art
P.O. Box 13001 SFA Station
Nacogdoches TX
Syracuse University Art Media Studies with concentrations in Film, Video, Photography and Computer Graphics
Introduction to Computer Graphics, Intermediate Computer Graphics, Advanced Computer Graphics I & II, Special Topics in Computer Graphics and Introduction to Art Media Studies
Digital Imaging and Digital Projects

BFA MFA 240 70 Department of Art Media Studies
102 Shaffer Art
Syracuse NY
Temple University Film & Media Arts with concentrations in Creative Film & Video Production, Computer Arts & New Technologies and Media Criticism & Culture Animation Workshop Media Arts I & II and New Technology Labortory, Audio Production, Advanced Audio Workshop and Film Sound Videography, Experimental Video & Multi-Media, Computerized Editing and Advanced Problems in Computerized Editing Intro to Film & Video Analysis, The Production of Media Culture, Filmmaking, Lighting for Film & Video, TV Studio Production, Editing Film & Video, Experimental TV, Documentary Workshop, Advanced Documentary Workshop/Fiction Workshop, Topics in Production and Advanced Problems in Film/Video Production

2020 North 13th Street
09 Annenberg Hall 011-00
Philadelphia PA
Texas A&M University Visualization Laboratory Computer Animation I & II, Advanced Animation, 3D Modeling & Animation, Rendering & Shading, Form/Installation/Environment, Character Animation, Physically Based Modeling and 3D Computer Aided Sculpting Computing for Visualization I & II, Image Systems, Experimental Visual Techniques, Image Synthesis and Design Communication I, II & III
Videography, Advanced Video, The Digital Image and Video/Photography
Color Photography
40 College of Architecture
Texas A&M Univerisity
College Station TX
Stanford University Photography, New Genre and Design The Illusion of Life: Facial Animation, Motion Studies: An Introduction to Animation, Cartoon Physics & Funny Walks and The Virtual Object Digital Art in Public Spaces
Digital Narrative Production

BA, BFA MFA,MS (design)

Nathan Cummings Art Building
Main Office - Room 101
Stanford CA
University of Arizona Department of Art: Visual Communication Rendering Techniques Computer Graphics I & II, Production Problems in Graphic Design, Intermediate Graphic Design, Graphic Design Studio and Graphic Design Problems
Vision/Voice/Ideology, Video Art in America, Digital Photography, Intermediate Artists¡¯ Video, Performance: Live/Photo/Video, Advanced Digital Photography, Video for Artists and Advanced Video for Artists
New Genre I, New Genre Studio & Therapy, New Genre Concept Development and Combining Media BFA MFA

Art building #21, Room 108
1031 North Olive Road
Tucson AZ
University of California, Berkeley Interactive Digital Art

Video & Performance Art and Interdisciplanary Digital Production
New Genres and Special Topics in Visual Studies BFA MFA

345 Kroeber Hall Berkeley CA
University of California - Davis Electronic Arts

Electronic Media, Video Practice & Theory and Experimental Documentary
Introduction to Contemporary Visual Culture and Identity & Technology

College of Letters & Science
Department Office, 111A Art Building
Davis CA
University of California, Los Angeles Communication Design Intro to Geometric Modeling, 3D: Design of Virtual Form and 3D: Time & Motion in Virtual Space Visual Technologies, Letterform & Typography, Intro to Tools & Processes, Intro to Study of Design, Intro to Design & Computation, User Interaction Techniques in Design, Design for Print Media, Design for Interactive Media, Advanced Interactive Media, Interactive Environments, Design Studio I &II and Dynamic Multimedia
Image Capture, Design for Video and Design for Digital Media Media Studies Fundamentals of Architectonics: Proportion, Fundamentals of Architectonics: Symmetry, Fundamentals of Architectonics: Compartition & Order, Programming Computer Applications in Architecture & Urban Design and Design for Environmental Communication BA MFA 160 8 Department of Design
1300 Dickson Art Center, Box 951456
Los Angeles CA
University of California, San Diego Media and Interdisciplinary Computing & The Arts Virtual Environments Introduction to Media, Introduction to Computing in the Arts, Computing in the Art: Current Practice, Digital Imaging: Image & Interactivity, Advanced Projects in Media, Special Projects in Media, Computer Programming for the Arts I & II, Media Sketchbook and Digital Media I & II: Time/Movement/Sound Introduction to Music Making, Musical Acoustics, Computer Music I & II, Audio Production: Mixing & Editing, Musical Psychoacoustics and Music Technology Seminar Installation Production & Studio, Electronic Technologies for Art I & II, Digital Imaging, Studio Video and Advanced Editing Introduction to Filmmaking, Scripting & Editing Strategies, Sound & Lighting and Advanced Filmmaking Strategies Introduction to Computer Science BFA MFA 130 12 Visual Arts Department
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla CA
University of Cincinnati Digital Design 2D Form: Methods, 3D Form: Methods, Intro to Form & Motion and Intermediate Form & Motion Sources of Modern Design, Theory for Multimedia: Seminar, Digital Imaging: Media Lab, Interactive Multimedia I & II, Text to Hypertext: Methods, Networked Communication Design: Methods, User Learner Centered Design: Seminar and Digital Design Capstone

Information Theory: Seminar, Professional Development, Computer Programming, Network Communication, Scripting: Media Lab, Learning Environment Tools: Media Lab, Computational Ideation: Methods, Task Analysis: Seminar, Project Management & Document and Usability Testing BS MS

School of Design
P.O. Box 210016
Cincinnti OH
University of Illinois, Chicago Electronic Media Advanced Animation Design Colloquium, Advanced Special Topics in Art & Design, Computer Art-Design, Computer Graphics I & II, Typography III, Computer-Aided Industrial Design II and Advanced Graphic Design
Electronic Media Events, Study in Film/Video/Electronic Visualization, Advanced Electronic Video, Advanced Video and Video II Documentary Film/Video Production and Advanced Film

School of Art & Design, Room 106 Jefferson Hall, 929 West Harrison Street Chicago IL
University of Massacusetts, Dartmouth Photographic /Electronic Imaging/Digital Multimedia


College of Visual & Performing Arts
285 Old Westort Road, Group VI, Room 306
North Dartmouth MA
University of Oregon Multimedia Design Intro to Animation, Motion Graphics, Digital Illustration, Drawing for Media and Computer Animation Digital Letterform, Computer Imaging, Communication Design, Design Direction, Multimedia Tools I & II, Multimedia Design I & II, Advanced Design I & II and Multimedia Survey
Digital Video & Audio and Digital Imaging


Department of Art, Multimedia Design Program
5232 University of Oregon
Eugene OR
University of Southern California Animation & Digital Arts Writing for Animation, Animation Theory & Techniques, Introduction to Computer Animation, Basic Motion Picture Techniques for Animators, Creative Interactive Animation, Virtual Reality & Stereoscopic Animation, Animation Department, Principles of Computer Animation, Intermediate Computer Animation, Animation Production I, II & III, Advanced Computer Animation, Character Animation, Expanded Animation and Directed Studies in Animation

Intro to Video Introduction to Film Graphics, Advanced Production in Film Graphics, Intro to Film and Seminar in Film/Television/New Technologies
Minor MFA
36 Division of Animation & Digital Arts Los Angeles CA
University of Virgina Electronic Media

Digital Media I, II & III, Digital Media Projects and Advanced Problems: Digital Media Intro to Cinematography I & II Installation & Performance BA
McIntire Department of Art
Fayerweather Hall
Charlottesville VA
Yale University Filmmaking/Video and Graphic Design
Introductory Graphic Design, Advanced Graphic Design, Introductory Graphic Design Workshop, Typography I & II, Sequences in Graphic Design and Master Classes in Graphic Design
Digital Video Synthesis The Language of Film Workshop, Storyboard Design and Advanced Film Workshop

Yale School of Art
1156 Chapel Street, P.O. Box 208339
New Haven CT
University of the Arts Multimedia Computer Animation I & II, Introduction to Interface Design, Introduction to Multimedia, Aural Concepts I & II, Interactive Studio I & II, Interactive Narrative, Survey of Multimedia, Media Technology, Multimedia Studio I & II, Issues in Multimedia I & II, Communication Concepts, Advanced Interface and Survey of New Media Eurythmics,
Narrative Cinema I & II, Script Analysis, Kinesiology, BFA

320 Broad Street
Multimedia Department
Philadelphia PA
School of the Museum of Fine Arts Electronic Arts/Sound 3D Computer Animation, Intermediate Computer Animation, Virtual Reality, Advanced Computer Animation, Collage/Mixed Media & Animation, Moving Objects, Animation Production and Oxberry Animation Stand Workshop Intro to Computer Art on the Mac, Intro to Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Director, Electronic/Computer Art, Imaging & Manifesting Virtual Creations: Intermediate Digital Imaging, Intro to Java Programming & Computer Graphics, Making Art on the WWW, Art-Making & Design for the Internet: Intermediate to Advanced, Multimedia Computing, Art Making & Design for the Internet & the WWW, Sound I: Practical Sound Workshop, Sound II: Studio Techniques 1, Sound III: Studio Techniques 2, Film Sound Workshop and Sound IV: Advanced Sound Projects 4-D Foundation: Computers/Film/Photo & Video, Video Art/Production, Video Seminar, Music Video, Video Installation, Introduction to Video, Intermediate Video and Advanced Video 16mm Film Processing Workshop, Reccycled Images& Non-Camera Filmmaking, Film Performance, Super 8 Filmmaking I & II, Basic 16mm Production I & II, Optical Printing I & II, Special Effects in Film, Collaborative Film Workshop and Advanced Film Projects

230 The Fenway Boston MA
Art Institute of Southern California Media Arts/Animation and Multimedia/Web Design 2D Animation, Intermediate Drawing/Characterization, Advanced 2D Animation, Intro to 3D Animation, Scriptwriting & Storyboarding, 3D Modeling & Animation, Animation Production Team, Advanced 3D Modeling, Compositing, Motion Graphics, Motion/Lighting/Texture, Character/Object Design and Animation for Interactive Products, Games Computer Applications, Typography for Digital Media, Image Manipulation,Advanced Image Manipulation, Mapping, Interface Design, Programming for the Artist and Web Imaging Techniques Digital Audio Editing Audio & Video Techniques and Non-Linear Editing Network Broadcasting Interactive Telecommunications, Production Planning, Network Systems, Fundamentals of Authoring, Authoring Systems, Fundamentals of CBT, Advanced Web Authoring Systems, Database Concepts and Web Site Development BS

2900 31st. Street Santa Monica CA
Kansas City Art Institute Photography/New Media


4415 Warwick Boulevard Kansas City MO
The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design Communication Design
Communication Design I, II, III & IV, Computer Studio I: Adobe/Quark, Computer Studio II: Photoshop, Computer Studio III: Multimedia, Typography I & II, Informational Graphics, Package Design, Advanced Computer and Advertising Design


273 East Erie Street Milwaukee WI
University of Hartford Media Arts


Hartford Art School
200 Bloomfield Avenue
Wes Hartford CT
The University of Pennsylvania Digital Media Design
Art as Communication, Visual Communication, Non-Verbal Communication, 2D Design, 3D Design, Computer Graphics in Visual Arts and Advanced Computer Graphics

Intro to Film Forms & Contexts Calculus for the Natural Sciences I & II, Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, Programming Languages & Techniques I & II, Intro to Algorithms & Data Structures, Intro to Computer Architecture, Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science I & II, Scientific Visualization, Software Design/Engineering, Robotics, Priciples of Digital Communication and The Information Age BS

School of Engineering & Applied Science
172 Moore Building
Philadelphia PA
Corcoran College of Art & Design Graphic Design
2D Design, 3D Design, Digital Media Design, Graphic Design I, II, III & IV, Letterform, Intro to Illustrator, Web Site Design, Typography, Visual Communication, Environmental Design, Publication Design, Information Design, Package Design, Production/Pre-Press, Digital Typography and Electronic Portfolio
Digital Video, Intro to Digital Arts Photo and Digital Imaging


College of Art & Design
500 17th Street N.W.
Washington D.C.
Cornish College of the Arts Graphic Design
Design Fundamentals I & II, Intro to Digital Design I & II, Intro to Design, Graphic Design: Pagemaker, Drawing for Graphic Design I & II, Graphic Design: Photoshop, Graphic Design I, II, III & IV, Graphic Media/Photographics, Lettering, Typography I, II & III, Illustration for Graphic Design, Graphic Design: CAD,


710 East Roy Street Seattle WA
Oregon College of Art & Craft Photography
Creating the Digital Negative, Beginning Computer Imaging: Photoshop, Advanced Computer Imaging and Digital Imaging


8245 SW Barnes Road Portland OR
California State University, Long Beach Film/Electronic Arts
Media Aesthetics Beginning Audio, Sound Design and Audio Alternative Media, International Electronic Media and Global Electronic Media Theatrical Film Symposium, Film/Video, Scriptwriting, Film & Electronic Writing, Writing the Short Script, Production Management, International Cinema, Beginning Film/Video, Intermediate Film/Video, Advanced Film/Video Production I & II, Film & Video Lighting, Advanced Film I & II and Directing

University Telecommunications Center
1250 Bellflower Boulevard, Room 104
Long Beach CA
Colorado State University Graphic Design
Intro to Graphic Design, Typography & Design Systems, Advanced Typography & Design Systems, Illustration, Advanced Illustration and Special Studies in Graphic Design


College of Liberal Arts
Graphic Design Department
Fort Collins CO
Georgia Tech Information Design Technology
New Media Genres I & II, Topics in Advanced Design & Representational Techniques, Practicum in New Media, Project Studio, Media/Representation & the Design of Information, Principles of Interactive Design, Educational Applications of New Media, New Media Project Design & Assessment, Metaphor/Diagram & Narrative within Design Environments, Media Studies and Web Usability
Design of Digital Video
Issuses in Media Studies, Globalization & New Media, The Visual Genealogy of New Media, Culture & Communication, Issues in New Media Studies: Broadband Convergence, Augmented Reality, Global Classroom, Intellectual Property, Performance Studies, Human Computer Interaction, Foundation of Educational Technologies, Online Communities, Information Visualization, Form & Narration: Cross Media Analysis and Electronic Commerce

Ivan Allen College of the Liberal Arts
School of Literature, Communication & Culture
Atlanta GA
The University of Central Florida Graphic Design/Multimedia Intro to Cel Animation Design Fundamentals I & II, Intro to Computer Graphics, Graphic Design I & II, Advanced Graphic Design, Special Problems in Graphic Design, Intermediate Computer Graphics, Advanced Computer Graphics, Type & Design and Illustration


Art Department
VAB Building, Room 117
Orlando FL
Princeton University Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics

Intro to Video & Film Production and Advanced Video & Film Production

Visual Arts Department
185 Nassau Street
Princeton NJ
University of California, Santa Cruz Intermedia Electronic Art
Intro to Computer Art, Beginning Intermedia 2D, Beginning Intermedia 3D, Computer Art, Advanced Project Computer Art, Interactive and Visual Media
Intro to Digital Photo and Digital Video
Technology Foundation BFA

Baskin Visual Arts, E-104
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz CA
The University of Georgia IDS Digital Media Computer Animation for Dramatic Media I, II & III The Computer in Art, Special Topics in Computer Art, 3D Computer Art, Computer Aided Design and Technical Problems

Intro to Theatrical Design, Electronic Field Production, Foundations of Performance Design, Intro to Photography, Intermediate Photography and Advanced Photography BFA

Lamar Dodd School of Art
201-A Tanner Building
Athens GA
The University of Utah Graphic Design and Photography/Digital Imaging
Intro to Visual Communications I & II, Basic Design Process, Computer Techniques, Typography, Electronic Prepress and Electronic Mediums
Digital Imaging I & II Beginning Filmmaking

Department of Art & Art History
375 South 1630 East, Rm 161
Salt Lake City UT
Brown University Digital Imaging

Soundtracks Seminars in Production, Problems in Documentary, Approaches to Narrative, Video Production, Intermediate Video Production and Digital Imaging I & II Introduction to Filmmaking and Intermediate Filmmaking

Department of Art
64 College Street
Providence RI
University of North Carolina, Charlotte Time Arts Animation & Interactivity Topics in Time Arts, Issues in Time Arts, Time Arts Seminar I & II, Time Arts Workshop, Time Arts Projects I & II and Topics in Multimedia
Video Art, Electronic Media, Applied Electronic Media and Advanced Photographic Media
Installation Art BA, BFA

Department of Art
173 Rowe Art Building
Charlotte NC
University of North Carolina, Greensboro Design/Digital Design


Department of Art, UNCG
P.O. Box 26170
Greensboro NC
University of Colorado, Boulder Photography & Electronic Media
Computer Imaging, Advanced Computer Imaging, Introducion to Internet Art and Advanced Internet Art
New Directions in Photography, Beginning Video Production, Advanced Video Production and Intermediate Digital Imaging
New Forms: Projects in Technology/Arts and Media BFA MFA

Department of Fine Arts
Photography & Electronic Media
Boulder CO
University of Wisconsin, Madison Interactive Digital Electronic Art Studio
Computers in the Visual Arts, Computer Mediated Art, Advanced Graphic Design Technology and Computer Imaging Techniques Sound Design for the Performing & Visual Arts and Advanced Sound Design Artists Video Design for Stage & Television I & II Non-Static Forms and Stage Lighting I BA, BFA MA, MFA

The Art Department, 6241 Humanities Building
455 North Park Street
Madison WI
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Narrative Media Program
Imaging Studio: Intro to Digtal Imagemaking & the Web and Multimedia Studio: Intro to Multimedia
Video I and Video II: Experimental Web Studio


School of Art & Design 143 Art & Design
408 East Peabody, C, MC-590
Urbana IL
University of North Texas
Communication Design and Photography


School of Visual Arts
P.o. Box 305100
Denton TX
University of Minnestoa, Twin Citites Digital & Electronic Art

Electronic Art


Department of Art
216 21st Avenue South
Minneapolis MN
University of Texas, Austin Transmedia
Computer Art Media and Introduction to Transmedia
Video, Advanced Video Art and Digital Time: Art I & II
Installation of Film Art BFA MFA
Austin TX
University of Michigan New Genres
Art & Design I, II, III & IV, 3D Design, Computing Introduction, 200 Level Computing and Art & Design Elective


School of Art & Design
2000 Bonisteel Boulevard
Ann Arbor MI
Indiana University Electronic Media
Graphic Design I & II, Advanced Lettering & Typography, Computer Art & Design II, Media Program Design, Web Design, Topical Seminar in Design & Photo, Visual Communications and Capstone Course Computer Skills of Musicians and Introduction to MIDI & Computer Music Production Operation, Digital Video Production and Advanced Production Workshop
Foundations of Telecommunications and Fundamental Photography BFA

1700 Mishawake Avenue, Northside 033C
P.O. Box 7111
South Bend IN
Pennsylvania State University Visual Communications: combination with photography & graphic design Computer 3D Modeling & Rendering Intro to Graphic Design, Beginning Graphic Design, Beginning Typography, Typography, Graphic Design & the Computer, Ideas as Visual Images, Design Photography, Appllied Communications, Time & Science, Practical Communications and Book Design

Beginning Photography I & II, Photography I, Photo: Lighting, View Camera Photography, Creative Projects in Photography, Photo Assemblage and Photo & Other Disciplines BA, BS

School of Visual Arts
210 Patterson Building
University Park PA
University of Iowa Digital Worlds 2D Worlds and 3D Worlds Web Worlds

The School of Art & Art History
E 100 AB
Iowa City IA
University of New Mexico Media Arts Program Filmmaking: 3D Computer Imaging and Elements of Filmmaking: 3D Computer Imaging

Technical Intro to Video Production, Video Art in the Studio, Advanced Video Art, Technical Intro to Video, Guerrilla Video, Advanced Video Art: Truth & Fiction and Field Production: Video Art in the Field Intro to Film, Field Production, Topics in Production, Media Arts Production, Filmmaking: Screenwriting, Field Production: Multi-Camera Remote, Elements of Filmmaking: 16mm, Elements of Filmmaking: Screenwriting and Elements of Filmmaking: Radio Documentary

Media Arts Program
Center for the Arts, Room 2431
Albuquerqe NM
Virgina Commonwealth University Communication Arts & Design: with concentrations in Communication Design, Digital Imaging, Illustration, Kinetic Imaging and Photography Intro to Illustration, Digital Illustration, Anatomy of Illustration, Illustratiion Media & Techniques I & II, Figure in Illustration I & II, Editorial Illustration, Electronic Animaiton I and Computer Graphics II: 3D Modeling Intro to Computer Techiques, Communication Design Computer Techniques, Communication Design Visual Fundamentals, 20th Cenury Visual Communication I & II, Typographics I & II, Composition & Rhetoric I & II, Form & Communications, Publications, Interactive Design, Systems in Design, Design Studio, Type & Image, Computer Graphics I & II and Communication Arts Techniques Sound Communication Digital Photo I & II, Media Presentation and Intro to Video, Video I & II Filmmaking I & II Design Photo BFA MFA

School of the Arts
325 North Harrison Street
Richmond VA
Purdue University Computer Graphics Technology Geometric Modeling for Visualization & Communication, Intro to Constraint: Based Modeling, Intro to 3D Surface Geometry, Intro to Animation & Spatial Graphics, Digital Lighting & Rendering, Animation of Computer Graphics, Advanced Animaiton, Advanced Pictorial Representation and Drawing Systems Design for Visualization & Communication, Sketching for Visualization & Communication, Raster Imaging for Computer Graphics, Vector Imaging for Computer Graphics, Principles of Interactive & Dynamic Design, Contemporary Problems in Applied Computer Graphics, Contemporary Problems in Computer Graphics, Internet Publishing with Acrobat, The Development of Graphics in Technology, Seminars in Graphics and Computer Graphics for Aviation Technology
Digital Video & Audio and Digital Postproduction
Fundamentals of Scripting & Tagging, Construction Data Models II, Multimedia Authoring I & II, Hypermedia Authoring I & II, Manfacturing Graphics Standards, Manufacturing Documentation Production: Management, Industrial Application for Simulation, Emerging Web Technologies, Scripting for 3D, Technical Graphics Communication, Electrical & Electronic Drafting, Graphical Communication & Spatial Analysis and Technical Graphics for Supervisors AS, BS

Computer Graphics Technology
1419 Knoy Hall, Room 363
West Lafayette IN

Brandeis University Studio Art Program, Art History Program, Post-Baccalaureate Program, Theater Atrs

American Avant-Garde Film and Video Introduction to the Moving Image, The studio department offers diverse approaches in painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, and drawing.

Department of Fine Arts, Brandeis university Waltham
California Institute of Technology No Arts Program

Case Western Reserve University Department of Art History and Art, Department of Theater Arts


Mather House
11201 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland OH
Auburn University College of Liberal Arts (Department of Art, Department of Music and Department of Theatre).

Design for Fine Art and graphic design

Typographics I

Typographics II

Introduction to Graphics Design

Graphics Design I

Graphics Design II

Image I


Visual Design I

Visual Design II

Electronic Media BA
M. Ed

College of Liberal Arts
2046 Haley Center
Auburn Univeristy

Baylor College of Medicine No Program in Arts

Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza
Houston TX
Baylor University Department of Art, Department of Theatre Arts (College of Arts and Sciences)
Introduction to Graphic Design,
Computer Aided Graphic Design,
Graphic Communication
Voice and Movement, Sound Design

Directing I, Scenographic Techniques, Creative Dramatics


Baylor University
Department of Art
P. O. Box 97263

Waco TX
Binghamton University Department of Art
Department of Theatre
Department of Music
2-Dimensioal Design
Three Dimensional Design
Special Studio Projects : Computer Graphics
Special Studio Projects : Graphics Design
Sound Design Workshop

Special Studio Projects : Mixed Media BA

Department of Art, Fine Arts Building, 223
Binghamton University
Binghamton NY