•           Parsons School of Design
    55 West 13th Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10011
      학교 안내

    학부 학생수: 약 2400여명 / 대학원 학생수: 500여명
    : Thirty full-time faculty members and more than 675 adjunct family members
    1896년 최초 설립, 1920년 해외 campus (Parsons Paris, France / La Escuela de Disenso at Altos de Chavon, Dominica Republic /
      Kanazawa International Design Institute, Kanazawa, Japan  / Samsung Art and Design Institute, Seoul, South Korea )

    약 75 %학생의 장학금 혜택


      학과와 학위 

     Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
    Fashion Design (AAS)
    Fashion Marketing (AAS)

    Graphic Design (AAS)

    Interior Design (AAS)




  • Graduate Architecture (M.Arch)


    Fashion  Design,  Fine Art, Graphic and Digital Design, Interior Design and Architectural Studies

     학비와 생활비

    2015-2016 Academic Year: 
    학부 학비:    $43,560(12-19 credits) + Living Expernses $25000 + 보험$ etc. - Toal  $68,560정도 
    대학원 학비: $44,680(Full time) + Living Expenses $25000 +보험 etc. - Toal  $69,680 정도


      입학 지원 서류들
    • Application form과 application fee 
    • Portfolio (8~12 작품)
    • Creative Assignement (AAS지원자)
    • Exercise (BFA, BBA지원자)
    • Personal statement of purpose
    • Writing sample or essay (BBA applicants only optional): 1-2 writing samples or essays.
    • 고교 성적 증명서 (or 또는 검정고시 성적)
    • 다닌 대학(교들)의 성적 증명서
    • 미국 성적 평각 기관에 성적평가 의뢰
    • 미국고교생은 Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Test(ACT) scores요구됨
    • 추천서들
    • TOEFL  BBA, BFA, BS iBT 92 or IELTS 7.0 이상
                  Associate Degree   iBT 79 or IELTS 6.5   
    • 개별 인터뷰

    • Application form과 application fee
    • Portfolio
    • Personal statement of purpose 
    • 이력서 2 부이상
    • 졸업, 재학 및 성적 증명서
    • 미국 성적 평각 기관에 성적평가 의뢰
    • 추천서 2-3 부
    • TOEFL iBT 92 or IELTS 7.0 이상 요구
    • 전공별 GRE (Architecture)요구 사항.

      원서 마감일 

      Bachelor 학부
      가을 학기   1월 5일  (Early Action지원 11월1일. 편입 3월15일)
      봄학기       10 월 15일

      AAS Prgraom  가을학기 4월1일, 봄학기 11월1일

       가을 학기   1월 1일  
       봄학기       10월 1일

     Portfolio 요구 사항


    BFA  and BA/BFA Program:
    The portfolio must be completed in SlideRoom. Freshman applicants must submit a portfolio of 8 to 12 pieces.
    Portfolios can include drawings, paintings, photographs, digital media, design, three-dimensional work, Web design, animation, video,
    and other digital media. Transfer applicants must submit a portfolio of 8 to 12 pieces in the student's area of interest

    - AAS Program
    IIt is strongly recommended that you submit the creative assignment with your online application. If work must be mailed, original artwork
    larger than 8.5” x 11” will not be accepted. You may also submit your work on a cross-platform CD-ROM or DVD. Save each of your images
    as a JPEG no larger than 2MB. Clearly label the CD or DVD with your name and date of birth, and attach the
    Application Materials Cover Sheet (PDF).

    Fashion Design: Create a collage that defines the lifestyle of the kind of woman or man for whom you would like to design. Use images taken from magazines, and pay attention to color, textures, and other basic elements. 

    Fashion Marketing: Write a one-page single-spaced 500-550-word analysis of a fashion marketing campaign you feel has been successful. 

    Graphic Design: Design a postage stamp depicting your favorite fruit or vegetable. Submit an 8” x 8” solution. 

    Interior Design: Present a collage of images illustrating your ideas for the design of a small advertising agency office in an urban townhouse. Your collage should include details (descriptions, images, or both) of the kinds of furniture, the colors, and the materials you would use to execute your ideas.



      Architecture (MArch)
      Architecture and Lighting Design Dual Degree
     (MArch and MFA)
      Business of Design
     (Graduate Certificate)
      Data Visualization
      Design Studies
      Design and Technology
      Design and Urban Ecologies
      Fashion Design and Society
      Fashion Studies
      Fine Arts
      History of Design and Curatorial Studies
      Industrial Design
      Interior Design
      Lighting Design
      Strategic Design and Management
      Theories of Urban Practice
      Transdisciplinary Design