•               College For Creative Studies
                 201 East Kirby, Detroit, MI 48202-4034

     학과와 학위 

    -Advertising Copywriting
    -Advertising Design
    -Art Education
    -Entertainment Arts
    -Fine Arts
    -Graphic Design
    -Interior Design
    -Product Design
    -Transportation Design
     and Foundation, Business and Livera Arts Programs

    -Color and Materioals Design
    -Interation Design
    -Interdisciplonary Design
    -Transcportaiton Design

     학비와 기숙사

    For 2015-2016
      $18,780 per semester ($1,252 per unit),  년간 학비 $37,560
     $ 20,340 per semester( $1,3632 per unit, 12-18 학점),  년간 $40,680

     입학 지원 서류들
    Undergraduate & Graduate
    • Application form과 application fee 
    • A summary of your educational experience
    • Portfolio: (학부는 5-8 작품, 대학원은 3-4 또는 4-6 작품, 전공에 따라)
    • Resume
    • Personal statement of purpose
    • 고교 성적 증명서 (or 또는 검정고시 성적)
    • 다닌 대학(교들)의 성적 증명서
    • 추천서들 (학부는 선택사항, 대학원은 3부 필수) 
    • 학부 TOEFL iBT 71 or ELS Language Centers 112 레벨 수료증
      대학원 TOEFL iBT 80  


     원서 마감일 

        가을 학기 :   2월 1일 ~ 5월 (장학금고려시 : 12월 1일) 
        봄학기    :   12월 1일

       가을학기: 4월 1일

      Portfolio 요구 사항
    • Undergraduate  
    • Actual objects, scenes, and people을 관찰해서, 상상력이 있게 Drawing 한 것.
    • 정확한 line drawings 과 완성된 좋은 보기들,  full range of light, gray and dark value의 작품들.
    • 가능하면 figure drawing or partial figure (hands, feet, etc.), or portraiture.
    • original로 된것으로 본인의 ideas about a subject가 보이는 것.
    • 전체 picture surface을 고려하고 페이지 중앙에 한 물체를 고립시켜 놓지 말아라.
    • 시간 경과적 작품은 JPEG or GIF format on 1.4 MB floppy disk, zip disk, CD or videotape로도 준비 
    • 작품을 편집하라. 양보다 질이 더 중요하다. 5-8 개 작품이 15개의 작품보다 더 좋을 수 있다. 
      최근의 작품이 보통 가장 강함.
    • 작품을 깨끗이 보여라. Matted or mounted work이 선호적이나 필수사항은 아니다.
    • An applicant’s portfolio may or may not be geared toward a particular major when applying to CCS. The work should emphasize
      your strongest skill sets and concepts and should be limited to 5 to 8 pieces. Transfer students may be required to submit
      additional pieces. Examples of drawing, drafting, computer aided design (CAD), architectural drawings, floor plans, printmaking,
      painting, photography, film, video, animation, web design, graphic design, story boarding, creative writing, ceramics, metal and jewelry,
      fiber and textiles, furniture design, fashion, video games, 2D or 3D design, models, product design, transportation design,
      sketchbooks, graphic novels and any other form of new media is acceptable.
    • If you are applying to any of the following majors who require strong drawing skills, a minimum of 5 drawings from direct observation
      and/or imagination, using any medium must be included. Entertainment Arts (does not apply to those interested in video), Fine Arts,
      Illustration or Transportation Design

    • Graduate
    • -Color and Design: 4-6 작품
      Portfolios that reflect an understanding of the research and design process, an attention to detail and quality, and a well-developed
      design aesthetic
    • Computer proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, including:Photoshop
      • + Illustrator
      • + InDesign
    • - Interaction Design:
      Portfolios should reflect interactive design work including elements such as:Wireframes
      • + User persona
      • + General design principles
      • + Attention to detail
    • -Interdisciplinary Design: 4-6 작품
      Generally, you should include some of the following as related to your specific background in 2D or 3D design:
      Sketching and freehand drawing ability.
      • + An understanding of typography, 3D modeling skills package (such as Pro/E, Alias, Catia, I-DEAS or Solidworks, 98, Form  Z,
        Rhino 3D, 3D Studio Max, etc.).
      • + Graphic manipulation program (Flash), final renderings with Photoshop and Alias or Pro/E + 3D Studio Max.
      • + A good understanding of industrial techniques, model making ability and an awareness of rapid prototyping technologies.
    • -Transportaiton Design: 3-4 작품
      Submissions should demonstrate your functional skills including freehand sketching in accurate perspective, use of Photoshop and Alias
      – or other use of 2D/3D modeling and rendering software.
    • Include a significant amount of original process sketches and/or a separate sketch book as a PDF attachment in SlideRoom,
      or if necessary, mailed or e-mailed to the Office of Graduate Admissions.