Astrophysics and Astronomy




Arizona State University  Astrophysics

Tempe, AZ


Boston University  Astronomy

Boston, MA


Brigham Young University  Physics and Astronomy

Provo, UT


California Institute of Technology  Astrophysics

Pasadena, CA


Case Western Reserve University  Astronomy

Cleveland, OH


Columbia University in the City of New York  Astronomy

New York, NY


Cornell University  Astronomy and Space Sciences

Ithaca, NY


Dartmouth College  Physics and Astronomy

Hanover, NH


Florida Institute of Technology  Physics and Space Sciences

Melbourne, FL


Georgia State University  Astronomy

Atlanta, GA


Georgia State University  Physics

Atlanta, GA


Hampton University  Planetary Science

Hampton, VA


Harvard University  Astronomy

Cambridge, MA


Howard University  Physics and Astronomy

Washington, DC


Indiana University-Bloomington  Astronomy

Bloomington, IN


Iowa State University  Physics

Ames, IA


Johns Hopkins University  Astronomy and Astrophysics

Baltimore, MD


Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD


Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College

Baton Rouge, LA


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Astrophysics and Astronomy and Planetary Science

Cambridge, MA


Michigan State University  Astrophysics and Astronomy

East Lansing, MI


Michigan State University  Physics

East Lansing, MI


Mississippi State University
Engineering Physics (Physics/Astronomy Department)

Mississippi State, MS


New Mexico State University-Main Campus  Astronomy

Las Cruces, NM


Northwestern University  Physics and Astronomy

Evanston, IL


Ohio State University-Main Campus  Astronomy

Columbus, OH


Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus
Astronomy and Astrophysics

University Park, PA


Princeton University  Astrophysical Science

Princeton, NJ


Princeton University  Plasma Physics

Princeton, NJ


Rice University  Astronomy

Houston, TX


Rice University  Physics

Houston, TX


Rutgers University-New Brunswick  Physics and Astronomy

New Brunswick, NJ


San Diego State University  Astrophysics and Astronomy

San Diego, CA


Stony Brook University  Physics and Astronomy

Stony Brook, NY


The University of Alabama  Physics

Tuscaloosa, AL


The University of Texas at Austin  Astronomy

Austin, TX


Tufts University  Physics

Medford, MA


Tulane University of Louisiana  Physics

New Orleans, LA


University of Alaska Fairbanks  Space Physics

Fairbanks, AK


University of Arizona  Astronomy

Tucson, AZ


University of Arizona  Planetary Sciences   

Tucson, AZ


University of California-Berkeley  Astrophysics

Berkeley, CA


University of California-Irvine  Physics

Irvine, CA


University of California-Los Angeles  Astronomy

Los Angeles, CA


University of California-Los Angeles  Space Physics

Los Angeles, CA


University of California-Santa Cruz  Astronomy and Astrophysics

Santa Cruz, CA


University of Chicago  Astronomy and Astrophysics

Chicago, IL


University of Colorado at Boulder
Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences

Boulder, CO


University of Delaware  Physics

Newark, DE


University of Denver  Physics and Astronomy

Denver, CO


University of Florida  Astronomy

Gainesville, FL


University of Georgia  Physics

Athens, GA


University of Hawaii at Manoa  Astronomy

Honolulu, HI


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  Astronomy

Champaign, IL


University of Iowa  Physics

Iowa City, IA


University of Kentucky  Physics

Lexington, KY


University of Maryland-College Park  Astronomy

College Park, MD


University of Massachusetts Amherst  Astronomy

Amherst, MA


University of Michigan-Ann Arbor  Astronomy and Astrophysics

Ann Arbor, MI


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities  Astrophysics

Minneapolis, MN


University of Mississippi Main Campus  Physics

University, MS


University of Missouri-Columbia  Physics

Columbia, MO


University of Nebraska-Lincoln  Physics and Astronomy

Lincoln, NE


University of Nevada-Las Vegas  Astronomy

Las Vegas, NV


University of New Mexico-Main Campus  Physics

Albuquerque, NM


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Physics and Astronomy

Chapel Hill, NC


University of Oklahoma Norman Campus  Physics

Norman, OK


University of Pennsylvania  Physics and Astronomy

Philadelphia, PA


University of Rochester  Physics

Rochester, NY


University of South Carolina-Columbia  Physics

Columbia, SC


University of Southern Mississippi  Physics and Astronomy

Hattiesburg, MS


University of Virginia-Main Campus  Astronomy

Charlottesville, VA


University of Washington-Seattle Campus  Astronomy

Seattle, WA


University of Wisconsin-Madison  Astronomy

Madison, WI


Vanderbilt University  Physics

Nashville, TN


Washington State University  Physics and Astronomy

Pullman, WA


Wesleyan University  Astrophysics and Astronomy

Middletown, CT


Yale University  Astronomy

New Haven, CT