Real Estate



Program 및 기타사항

 Massachusetts Institute of  Technology (Cambridge, MA)

 MSRED (Master of Science in Real Estate Development) Center for  Real Estate:
 1년 과정 + 여름학기 / 3-5년 관련 경력 권장

 Cornell U (Ithaca, NY)

 MPSRE (Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate): 2년 과정 /  Field of Real Estate, 20명 입학

 Columbia U (New York)

 MBA Program in Real Estate, Center for Real Estate

 Columbia U (New York)

 MSRED (Master of Science in Real Estate Development),  Architecture, Planning&Preservation/1년 과정

 New York U (New York)

 MSRE (Master of Science in Real Estate): 42학점 과정, Real Estate  Institute

 U of Southern California (Los  Angeles, CA)

 MRED (Master of Science in Real Estate Development): 1년 과정/  School of Policy Planning & Development  | Summer시작

 U of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)

 MBA in Real Estate / PhD in Real Estate

 U of Illinois UC

 MBA -Real Estate

 U of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison,  WI)

 MBA, Program in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics

 U of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison,  WI)

 Ph.D. Program in Real Estate Appraisal and Investment Analysis

 U of Florida (GaInesville, FL) 

 MARE (Master of Art in Real Estate)
 Dept, of Finance, Insurance, Real Estate in College of Business  Administration (WCB): 1년 과정

 Pennsylvania State U University Park  Campus

 Ph.D. Program in Real Estate/Dept. of Insurance and Real Estate, Smeal College of Business

 Pennsylvania State U University Park  Campus

 MBA, Dept, of Insurance & Real Estate,

 Johns Hopkins U (Baltimore, MD)

 MSRE (MS in Real Estate), Division of Business and Management,
1년 과정

 U of Florida

 MBA -Real Estate(인터뷰 지원자중 30%) and PhD in Finance and  Real Estate

 Texas A&M U

 MSLD (Master of Science in Land Development): 2년 과정 Dept of  Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning, College of Architecture

 Texas A&M U

 MLERE (Master-Land Economics & Real Estate): 37학점(3학기)
 과정 in Dept. of Finance, Mays Business School

 U of Texas Austin

 MBA Specialization in Real Estate Finance, (지원자중 14% 인터뷰)

 U of California, Berkeley (Berkeley,  CA)

 Ph.D. Doctoral Program Specialization in Real Estate, Haas School of  Business

 The George Washington U  (Washington, DC) 

 MBA in Real Estate and Urban Development

 Georgia State U (Atlanta, GA)

MBA, MSRE, Dept, of Real Estate, College of Business

 U of Georgia

 MBA -Real Estate(지원자중 24% 인터뷰)

 U of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)

 MBA, Dept of Finance- Real Estate

 U of Denver (Denver, CO)

 MBA Real Estate Concentration, Dept. of Finance

 U of Denver (Denver, CO)

 MRECM (Master of Real Estate andConstruction Management)

 U of North Texas (Denton, TX)

 MBA, Dept, of Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, and Law |
 MS Real Estate Analysis

 The U of Memphis (Memphis, TN)

 MBA,MS Program in Business Administration

 U of San Diego (San Diego, CA)

GPA3.0, MBA, Program in Business Administration

 American U (Washington, DC)

MBA, Program in Real Estate and Urban Development

 California State U, Northridge (  Northridge, CA)

MBA, Dept. of Finance, Real Estate and Insurance

 California State U, Sacramento  (Sacramento, CA)

 MBA, Program in Business Administration

 John Marshall Law School (Chicago,  IL)

 Graduate and Professional Program

 U of St. Thomas (St. Paul, MN)

 MS, Program in Real Estate A proposal

 The U of Texas at Arlington (Arlington,  TX)

 MS, MBA Dept, of Finance & Real Estate

 Virginia Commonwealth U (Richmond,  VA)

 MS, Program in Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate

 Webster U (St. Louis, MO)

 Dept. of Business